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Ichikowitz Family Foundation
Private Bag X10042
Sandton, 2146
South Africa

Tel: +27 (0)11 086 6800
Ichikowitz Family Foundation | Our Founder
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Our Founder

Ivor is an African Industrialist and Philanthropist with a passion for Africa and its people.


In his Foundation, he carries forward a long family tradition of innovation, entrepreneurship and community engagement. It is this background that drives his commitment to the development of young people through educational, environmental and cultural initiatives. His philanthropic work is based on creating opportunities for people who would not otherwise have them.

“Africa is entering a new era of optimism. Conflicts are down, democracy is spreading and economic growth is accelerating. This decade has the potential to change Africa’s fortunes. But only a confident continent can rise to the occasion. A continent that can confidently gaze to the future because is has overcome huge adversity in the past.


A continent that teaches its younger generations about its dynamic and complex history to ensure that mistakes from the past are not repeated. A continent that is optimistic. A continent that finds and celebrates its successes, that shouts about its good news. And by doing so help to instil self-confidence in others to do the same and more.


A continent that innovates. A continent that understands that its true potential can only be unlocked by a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. A continent where people are encouraged to dream big, to think the impossible.”

Ivor Ichikowitz



    Advancing and building the institutions and practice of democracy


    Initiating or supporting projects that promote computer literacy, development of marketable skills, providing scholarships for promising young people.


    Promoting personal, communal, and corporate best practice in matters affecting the environment


    Creation of the AFRICAN ORAL HISTORY ARCHIVE, a heritage portal designed to create a history that will be accessible in perpetuity.